Exporting to BOP Markets

Why Selling Poor People What they Need Often Makes Good Business Sense

The attached note is a preamble to a student project which involves the preparation of an Export Marketing Plan. (If you’d like to learn about the EMP project used in my International Marketing course, click here.)

In teaching this project I typically ask students to limit their selection of potential markets to BOP, or “bottom of the economic pyramid” markets. This is intended to balance the textbook bias on the crowded and often slow-growing markets of the west.

As I try to show in the note, some of the world’s most successful companies are those which have learned to compete in BOP markets.

Feel free to use this material in the classroom. A proper citation might be as follows:

Ellis, P.D. (2008), “Exporting to BOP markets: Why selling poor people what they need makes good business sense,” website: [insert the link you see above] accessed on [insert the date you downloaded this material].

Click here to download the note: Exporting to BOP Markets.

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