The Book

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From Cambridge University Press, this jargon-free introduction to effect sizes gives students and researchers the tools they need to interpret the practical significance of their results. Using a class-tested approach that includes numerous examples and exercises, it introduces and explains three of the most important issues relating to the practical significance of research results: the reporting and interpretation of effect sizes (Part I), the analysis of statistical power (Part II), and the meta-analytic pooling of effect size estimates drawn from different studies (Part III). The book concludes with 30 recommendations for those actively engaged in or currently preparing research projects.


“Assessing the substantive significance of research is essential for both scientific progress and practical implications. This authoritative and well-written book gives relevant examples of key issues and offers practical guidelines for assessing the importance of research findings. The book concludes with clear recommendations for designing and carrying out good research and for assessing and reporting research findings.”
~ William H. Starbuck, Professor-in-Residence, University of Oregon, and Professor Emeritus, New York University

“Paul Ellis writes with a light touch, explains well, and uses numerous practical examples. He focuses on four of the issues that are central to the statistical changes now sweeping many disciplines – effect sizes, confidence intervals, power, and meta-analysis. This is a highly readable, highly practical book. It will be invaluable to anyone who wishes to contribute to – or even just understand – the research of the future.”
~ Geoff Cumming, Emeritus Professor, School of Psychological Science, La Trobe University, Australia .