How to Write an Export Marketing Plan

A Basic Guide for Managers and Students

The attached instructions have been developed over a period of nearly 15 years of teaching International Marketing to students in Hong Kong. The notes have been used in the preparation of well over a hundred export marketing plans. Most of these plans have been completed with assistance from managers of real companies with the express aim of helping those companies develop their international marketing activities. Thus, the notes are intended to be highly practical.

Lately I have been asking students to limit their selection of export markets to BOP or “bottom of the (economic) pyramid” markets. This makes good business sense for reasons explained elsewhere. Feel free to use or adapt this guide. A proper citation might be as follows:

Ellis, P.D. (2008), “How to write an export marketing plan: Guidance notes and FAQs,” website: [insert the link you see above] accessed on [insert the date you downloaded this material].

Click here to download the EMP Guidance Notes.

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