You say some editors have encouraged the reporting of effect sizes. Which ones?

–         Campion (1993) in Personnel Psychology

–         Combs (2010) in the Academy of Management Journal

–         Iacobucci (2005) in the Journal of Consumer Research

–         Kendall (1997) and La Greca (2005) both in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology

–         Lustig and Strauser (2004) in the Journal of Rehabilitation

–         Murphy (1997) and Zedeck (2003) both in the Journal of Applied Psychology

–         Shaver (2006) in the Journal of International Business Studies

As usual in matters of statistical reform, psychology journals lead the way. In a recent poll of psychology editors Cumming et al. (2007) found that a majority now advocate effect size reporting.

On his website Bruce Thompson lists 24 educational and psychology journals that now require effect size reporting.

A full list of references can be found here.

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