Can you recommend a plain English introduction to effect sizes?

Across many disciplines there are growing calls for relevance and engagement with stakeholders beyond the research community. Academy presidents and journal editors alike are calling for researchers to evaluate the substantive, as opposed to the statistical, significance of their results.

Yet the vast majority of researchers are under-selling their results and settling for contributions that are less than what they really have to offer.

In this plain-English introduction to effect sizes, you will learn how to answer the toughest questions you will ever hear in a research seminar: “So what? What does this study mean for the world?”

Using FAQs and a class-tested approach characterized by easy-to-follow examples, Effect Size Matters will provide you with the tools you need to meaningfully interpret the results of your research.

Effect Size Matters is a short how-to book. If you’re looking for something a little more substantial, I recommend The Essential Guide to Effect Sizes.